Invest in Main Street

Secured High Yielding

Build Your Wealth on Main Street NOT Wall Street

Bringing Your Money Home to Earn Secured, Hassle Free, and High Returns 

While Strengthening Your Local Economy and Growing Sustainable Communities.

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The table to the left illustrates not only how much more risky Wall Street investing is but it also illustrates that investing on Wall Street builds wealth for the 1% while investing on Main Street builds wealth for the 99%.

Buying locally and banking locally strengthen local economies, taking our capital and investing locally, builds sustainable wealth for ourselves and our communities. 
 Comparison of
Investing in the 1% (Wall Street)
Investing in the 99% (Main Street)


Investing in Main Street

 Completely Unsecured
Collateral is Fully Secured
Completely Uninsured
Collateral is Fully Insured
Purchased at Market Price
Purchased Below Market Value
Returns are unknown
Returns are Fixed and Agreed upon
 Stock Certificate is Intangible
Collateral is a Tangible Asset
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